Entheogens are substances that act on the nervous system altering, stimulating, or inhibiting the function of some neurotransmitters, as a result of this, changes occur in the state of consciousness and behavior of the individual.

There are a large number of entheogens, many of them were discovered by ancient cultures, who used them as means of connection with divinity, divination, healing of disease and internalization, however due to media manipulation for the benefit of some entrepreneurs, the consumption of these substances have been demonized and even prohibited, such is the case of the cannabis plant, which is currently in a process of legalization in several countries due to the great benefits it has to help combat chronic diseases and/or degenerative.

As mentioned above there is an innumerable amount of entheogens, our interest in these substances is due to the fact that with the exact dose, they offer us the possibility of expanding our consciousness and doing certain things that our sleeping mind cannot achieve, among these is the physical and emotional healing, in the next articles we will not focus on:

Cannabis - THC / CBD
Bufo Alvarius - 5 MEO-DMT
Ayahuasca - DMT
Salvia Divinorum - Salvinorin
Claviceps Purpurea - LSD
Magic Mushrooms - Psylocibin

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